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“Our bodies are gardens; Our will is the gardener.”  Shakespeare  


Ipswich, MA

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Reserve now so that YOU CAN EARN approx $150.00 per hour.



Become Certified with the National Guild of Hypnotists, the largest and oldest professional organization of its kind. Members in more than 40 countries.



Whole Health Hypnosis

Institute of Hypnosis


Time for a new career?

Do you want to be on cutting wellness edge?

Would you like to complement your existing practice or profession?

Would you love to learn hypnosis for self-development?


**Learn Hypnosis and Succeed**



Whole Health Hypnosis Institute offers a complete certification course in hypnosis including hypnosis, self-hypnosis, imagery and visualization. The comprehensive course offers instruction and practical experience which gives a solid foundation at completion. National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) training program is the basis for certification. All classes are conducted using NGH training materials together with other material relevant to the student. Successful graduations may be designated as Certified Hypnotist or Consulting Hypnotist.

Recent graduates currently have:


·         Opened private practices

·         Combined hypnosis in psychotherapy and medical practice

·         Combined existing Reiki & Massage practice with hypnosis to offer a more well-rounded wellness center.



Immediately upon completion you may:


 Practice as a Certified Hypnotist working with weight management, smoking cessation, stress management and fears.


Upon completion participants are competent to assist clients with


Confidence, self-esteem, sports performance, test stress and more.


·          Perfect for working full or part-time in a private practice/wellness office of their own.

·          Graduates earn average $150/hour

·          For all mental health professionals including therapists, counselors, social workers and nurses  wanting to advance their skills.

·          For all body/mind and spa providers who would like to offer cutting edge additions to their practices.

·         Massage therapists, Reiki, energy workers, spa, aestheticians and more can enhance their careers.


Successful graduates of this training are eligible to be designated as Certified Hypnotist or Consulting Hypnotist or (in some states) Hypnotherapist by The National Guild of Hypnotists.


Reserve a spot.  Limited space available.

Call us now!


Corporate and private trainings also available.  See below.

If you are interested to host your own training or other options, please see links below for more information.

978.801.1881 or  



Material Covered


Part I - Basic Hypnotherapy  

·       Introduction - Goals and Training

·       Suggestibility tests

·       Classification of subjects

·       Influences, cautions and contraindications

·       Teaching and achieving self-hypnosis

·       Inducing the state of hypnosis

·       Depth testing

·       Emerging techniques

·       Developing rapport

·       Applications of hypnosis

·       Inductions

·       Goal Setting

·       How to Determine which induction to use

·       Using aids

·       Deepening techniques

·       Complete Smoking Cessation, Weight Control and Stress Management programs, including scripts, to get you started in your hypnosis practice right away.

·       Exam will be given upon completion of Basic 1


Part II - Advanced Hypnotherapy

·       Assessing first session with a client

·       Behavioral assessment - goal setting - reinforcement

·       Creative Imagery, Guided Visualization and hypnosis

·       How to conduct follow up sessions with clients

·       Designing and teaching a self-hypnosis course

·       The use and benefits of ideo-motor response

·       Age regression therapy

·       Past Life Regression Exploration

·       Advanced hypnosis techniques

·       Becoming confident as a hypnotist

·       Discomfort Control

·       Performance Enhancement techniques

·       Test Stress techniques and marketing

·       Self hypnosis techniques

·       Effective marketing and business strategies including web marketing

·       Learn how to talk to physicians so they respect you and your work

·       Legal aspects

·       NGH Certification Exam


Students also receive many bonus techniques and discussions based upon classes needs and interests.

Students will hypnotized both in and out of classroom.  Guest speakers will be provided based upon availability.


Material Received:

  • Student Training Manuals (Level 1 - Basic; Level 2 - Advanced) Designed to be used as a reference guides for your hypnosis practice.

  •  Audio and Video trainings

  • Business Start-up portfolio

  • Scripts

  • Pendulum & Chart

  • Instructor availability for post certification questions

  • Support for continuing education

  • Personalized 11x14 Certificate personalized and embossed by the National Guild of Hypnotists

  • Membership in the National Guild of Hypnotists - the largest and oldest professional hypnotist organization in the world.

  • The Journal of Hypnotism magazine subscription

  • Subscription to Hypno-Gram Newsletter

  • plus a complete set of new member materials

  • NGH supported referral system

  • Availability of Malpractice insurance

  • Union affiliation available

  • Members video and audio library

  • Mastercard/Visa merchant availability

  • Networking chapters to network with other local hypnotists



(for group classes, see private training and hosted trainings for their pricing.)

Tuition For Hypnosis Certification Program is $1895.00

A $300.00 deposit for application processing, books/materials fee due and payable upon application; the balance due prior to beginning of class.  Due to rising credit card fees and in effort to keep tuition low, cash, check are  preferred.  However,  arrangements for Visa/Mastercard for tuition can be arranged.

******* Special for Complimentary Health workers: ********


Get 1 of your colleagues together and enroll at the same time

(deposit required for both)

Class space is limited  in order to provide personalized instruction.

  Space fills quickly.

Can't make an already scheduled training????

Host a Training

Do you have a facility, business or group that would like training?

We can come to you at a large discounted price.


  • You receive $125 per person (minimum 5 people)

  • Your certification will be free

  • A personalized schedule is created for you and your establishment

Host Training Requirements

  • Minimum of 5 full price enrollment students (not including yourself)

  • Schedule 75 class time training hours

  • A quiet place with chairs, table

For more info, please contact us.  978.801.1881

Prefer private training??

Private, Personalized Training

Fast Track training one-to-one.

For those who would like private instruction and/or would like to schedule class based upon individual timing needs, private instruction is available.  9 days, either consecutive or spread out.  Other individual schedule needs could be arranged.

Tuition is $3400


2 for 1  Fast track private instruction.

Buy one and bring a friend for free !!