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“Our bodies are gardens; Our will is the gardener.”  Shakespeare  


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Stress accounts for two-thirds of family doctor visits.  U.S. Centers for Disease Control

Recent Studies confirm hypnosis effectively manages the following:

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Achieve Success!


Success is often getting over the hurdle of mental road blocks.  Hypnosis removes mental limits and replaces negative thinking.


The 4 minute mile phenomenon is a perfect example of mental roadblocks.


Many years it was believed impossible for a human being to run a mile in less than four minutes until Roger Banister proved it wrong in 1954. Within one year, 37 other runners did it, and the year after that, 300 other runners did the same thing.


There was no influx of different kind of secret runners.  It was just mental power.  Once it was proven, others mentally got into their game. 


Hypnosis has the ability to assist with positive outcome for any kind of performance based belief.


Achieve success with ease using hypnosis.

Sandra Bemis, BCH

Pediatric and Adult Integrative Wellness
specializing in clinical hypnosis


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What do the following have in common: 


·  Irritable Bowel Disease

·  High Blood Pressure

·  Heart Disease

·  High Cholesterol/Belly Fat

·  Infertility

·  Over Eating

·  Cancer

·  Fatigue

·  Insomnia


Answer:  A factor of stress



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The Hypno-Band Weight Loss System® is the World's Leader in gastric band hypnosis and the original Virtual Gastric Band in UK, USA.

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"What the mind dwells upon, the body acts upon.”  Denis Waitley 



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